Winter warmer





Brr its got a tad colder outside, meaning in Barcelona we can actually wear jeans and a jacket and not roast! While it might not actually be that cold  for most for some unknown reason that the flats here are always arctic inside and after the sweaty inferno of the dreaded Summer anything thats not boiling feels so frigid and cold.6

Every winter I will get my big soup pan out with glee, having missed the slurpy goodness in the summer months (Salads are good and everything but….)

There is something great about eating with a spoon (Comida de cuchara here!). Sauces and soups and yummy winter veg. Anything to warm the old cockles. Every winter, to combat the dreaded winter snot, I will make batches chicken veg soup. I have refined this over time and now the final recipe calls for a secret magic ingredient of Lemon and its rind.

1. First of all I will slice and prep all veg; Fresh onion, onion, garlic cloves, carrots and leak. Slice thinly. I will then prep the chicken breasts and cut it into thin strips
2. Take said soup pan (A large saucepan that is very deep) and put in a knob of butter and put on a low heat.
3. Add the chopped veg (excluding the garlic) and let it sweat on a low heat. I then add the chicken strips and let it get a bit of colour.
4. Add a cup of water to this mix along with your bay leaves, salt, pepper, thyme and garlic. Let the water reduce and then add the juice of half a lemon and the lemon rind you prepped above.
5. Keep stirring and let it get a little brown on the bottom of the pan, these bits taste amazing later.
6. Pour in the stock, I sometimes make this if I have had a roast or make it out of veggie, however here they do amazing stock that is tasty and natural and quick and easy. Let it simmer.
7. Mean while add a smaller saucepan with boiling water and a stock cube and then add the pasta of choice, we have been loving these “piñones” they are perfect in soup and are the size and shape of little pinenuts. I love shells and letters though too.

(it looks a bit gross but it is amazing promise!)

I am trying to eat a bit better after my over indulgent holiday and with christmas coming up and just over indulging. Its not necessarily to lose weight (although it would be an added bonus), its just to stop me feeling horrible and my insides to stop feeling so sticky. I have started going to the gym again and trying to eat really well during the week. I think I might document my fitness eat my self well journey here.

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