Winter solstice






Just a little note to say hello! After a crazy 16 hour journey traveling through France at the speed of light (stopping off only to sleep in a classy F1) crossing the choppy waters of the channel and arriving to sunny Kent.

Oh its wonderful to be back in my homeland. Tea on tap, mince pies, roaring fires, family and cocktails.

On the shortest day of the year I have had a beast of a fry up and have curled up on the sofa with dogs and many a cup of tea. On days like today I reflect and plan and feel better with the world.

It becomes clearer and clearer of what and where I need to do and putting many plans into place to make that happen. It will happen.

This time of year feels so good, even though it creeps up on you very fast and makes you panic and stress that you have nothing ready and why you can’t be organised and pinterest like. It feels buzzing and bustly and the smells oh the smells. Meandering through busy shopping quarters perfumed with sausages and roasting chestnuts. The sounds and sights and twinkling diffused lights. And not to mention all the food, oh the food. Fry ups, roasts, amazing mexican and mince pies. Dog walks with cold cheeks in the woods with swings in the trees (ouch, fell on my bum!) ending in a pint of ginger beer and a plate of cheesy chips next to the fire whilst the dogs beg for a stray rogue chip.
This is what it is all about. We will leave the beautiful Kent tomorrow and travel up to Southend (Love it!) and then onto my little home town for a couple of nights before whizzing down and across to Bristol. Family, food and warmth and happy times are what it is for me.

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