Winter favourites: beauty



Oh hello Winter, you soon creeped up with only 3 weeks left until christmas (AAAAH!), autumn has wreaked its havoc on my dear sensitive skin. Here are my essentials for surviving the dreaded winter skin blues.

soapySoap and Glory Hand food.  I picked this up in a foolishly small bottle at the airport last time I flew back. Oh how silly. I want to eat the stuff, oh how addicted I am to the smell. It is like a soft marshmallow balm on ones fingers. It keeps my hands from being less ragged and gross. Helps cuticles too. Am addicted and feel panicked when I know I do not have this on hand 😉


Speaking of hands. Yuck. Horrid flakey, soft, breaking nails. Begone! This stuff is some sort of magic in a bottle and strengthens my nails up a treat. Sally Hansen HARD AS NAILS. Yep the name says it all.


This one was bought on a whim, #TBMMBI (thats the blogger made me buy it). Yep amazing, it smoothes over any of those, ahem, fine lines and makes applying foundation/concealer a total dream. In fact this product is a pure dream. It must be made of star dust or something of the like. Its pot is tiny and red but it lasts forever. Oh primer dear primer how you have changed my life. Thanks Essie!


I will go into full meltdown with out this here lip balm. I love it. Nothing else works. I have an awful habit of manically biting my lip when stressed or nervous and this does the trick of curing all chappedness. I love it and its natural to boot!


bourjoisBB dreamy creamy. This is a daily must, especially when one likes as much sleep as one does and finds it hard to get up in the morning so its goood to have a product that does a bit of everything. Whack it on and jobs done (I do like the MAC one better but this is a very good contender and is kinder on the purse!).bare

Finally a good old sprinkling of this magic dust. Bad skin and winter go hand in hand and I like to believe that this is actually doing magical powerful things rather than just eating up your skin. It has staying power too and is not all heavy and cakey. Win win!

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