The sketchbook series v1

I wanted to start a new series on my blog. I feel like I need to use this place as bookmark and collection of all the things that keep me sane and happy and inspired.

One of my favourite things to do is keep a sketchbook. I find it is where ideas come to life, out of my brain and onto paper. I love that I don’t mind making a mess and it teaches me not to be so “precious” with my work. I also think sketchbooks are the inner workings of ones brain and can say a lot about how a person is and what exists in their inner world. A collection of sketches, words, thoughts, mark making, textures and anything else that one can be inspired from. I always have my sketchbook with me.

So to start off I have put together some images of some of my favourite illustrators, all images are obviously theirs and they have been linked and credited.

I think peering into someone else’s sketchbook is the equivalent of peaking inside someones bathroom cabinet…it is very telling and personal. It is often where the start of big things happen, a sketch or a pattern that prompts something a lot bigger. I also like that you could probably know whose sketchbook you are leafing through without knowing whose it is (if that makes sense…). I will also trepidatiously introduce some pages of my sketch books, I say trepidatiously because I am quite shy and closed when it comes to my sketchbooks. Something about a sketchbook feels so very raw, and as I mentioned above, personal. It is like a journal almost. Anyway here are all my very favourites in all their glory.

Kate Pugsley
I adore Kate’s paintings and colours. Her characters and the tones they are painted in. Her studies of weird mundane objects and food. Her style is so sweet and naive and brilliant.


Ashley G

As you can see Ashley’s style is so so different from Kate’s. She plays and mark make and is fun and experimental. I like to imagine her not being afraid to be lead by her hand and finding something that really works. I love her use of colours and her lines and shapes. She definitely does not take her sketchbook so seriously and is not precious with it (ie she really experiments and goes at it), which is something I LOVE!

Isaac Tobin
Oh how these pages make me feel nostalgic. His sketchbook is as if memories have been collected together and pasted all over the pages. I like the subtle lines and muted tones. I also enjoy that everything looks found and goes straight in and made into something visual. Collaging a landscape of almost nothing but everything at the same time.

Melissa Castrillon
Oh fellow Cambridge lass, I do love the other worldly weird illustrations. Her people, pencil and blushed cheeks. Skirts a flying. Its all mystical and good. I like her live sketches of places I am so fond of and know so well. It makes my heart sing to see Cambridge’s roof tops drawn in such a way, with such a good palette. The sketches inside her sketchbooks seem flurried and quite intense, in a good way. In the best way. Like that moment, character or thought has to be captured straight away and that the pen and her magic just work without to much thought. Hers are the type of sketchbooks I wish I could have. The stories told through fine line and capturing moments.

As I mentioned above I will follow up this new series with some glimpses of my own sketchbook and I will also explore others.

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