The pink lady






Here is a post dedicated to The Pink Lady. She has travelled to a new home (with a lovely lady called Lou) in the motherland of Inglaterra.

This is one of my first sales of an original artwork. I just wanted this post to serve as a memory of her and how proud I am of myself getting to this milestone. A few years ago I felt very undeserving and a bit (very) wobbly and doubtful of my abilities as an illustrator/artist and with my style.
When I was studying art I felt a lot more inspired and confident with my work. My confidence and trust in my ability has taken a big knock as I have gone out in the nasty real world. However it really is about making small baby steps towards big goals and dreams and I am ever so grateful of the constant support my partner Borja and my Pup, Came, friends and family and my followers online. I do feel very grateful and happy to have this little community of support. It makes me feel better on the days where I am in pain/tired/lazy and doubting whether I can do this. So thank you to you all.
Woah this has turned into an acceptance speech.

So The Pink Lady is quite special to me, because she was drawn on a balmy night listening to good music and painted without being too precious and caring about that people think and I think that is the key. It makes me draw better when I stop caring and trying too hard.

So just as a reminder if you are creative and you are doing it like every one else, then you are doing it wrong (Casey wise Neistat said this!).

So thats what she is about, following your style and doing what you want and being more free.

Thanks again Lou for your support and for wanting to have the pink lady, it means more than you will know! Love fellow illustrator and artist support, it feels like a nice safe bubble to be in!

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