The end of a summer


The smell of sun cream, sounds of children screaming and dogs barking. Air so thick with suspense of the colder months drawing in. A long vast drag ahead. The sticky nights where you gulp for air and your legs stick together, too hot and restless to sleep. This restlessness settling in your bones, the thick suffocating air where you wonder to your self there must be more than this? As the fan pathetically battles the claggy air. You long for the cool air to come wrapping its bony fingers around you. Summer is when everything comes to a head, it bakes and cooks until it can no more and then simmers over. You feel itchy for the new month to come and term time to start. September full of its promises of fresh new starts. Let the heat stop.

The photos above were taken on a lovely day trip with dear friends G Koko and Camille and their little pup pig Baku. 4 people and two dogs in the car with a weird 80s mix tape on the stereo driving and driving long dusty roads through strange other worldly wet lands before arriving to beautiful plains of water out as far as the eye could see. People looking all holy like and walking on water for miles, pink flamingos dotted in the distance. Stopping at tacky campsites for refreshments and then traveling back home with sand between our toes and tired out pups snoozing happily. These are the types of memories that make summer bearable. Now bring on the duvet, tea and soup weather please (not that we ever really get that here!).



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