The depths of Kent

Oh Kent, aka The garden of England, you have truly stolen my heart. These few days that were spent there were perfect and just what I needed. We arrived to Kent, England first thing in the morning after a near 30 hour car journey and a rather wind swept ferry ride. We drove into the heart of Canterbury where a doggy mishap happened in a lovely bar. Eek.

We then drove to my sisters cottage. This is the dream. A tiny old creaky place in the middle of no where, windy roads and lots o fields. Tea and dog hugs next to the fire. So good! The worlds most comfiest bed (after sleeping in the grand F1 hotels). Hanging out and enjoying the brisk frosty cold and walks in the fields and orchards.

Flushed cheeks and the best walks to a pub through a beautiful woods. What better than cheesy chips and a real ginger beer? Enjoying these moments and trying to collect everything to hold on to as these are the times that make me feel ok again.

Then out for dinner and fun times walking through the brisk streets of Canterbury. Along the river and taking in all its wonky glory. I do like it a lot. Then back to the doggy incident bar for cocktails and long talks.

I miss these moments the most, I miss the winter starry sky out in the country, the smell of log fires, tea on tap, food glorious food. And my dear family. Without you all it really isn’t the same.


















This poor ole blog has taken a bit of a battering as of late, as in it has been completely ignored. Totally abandoned. I do miss it so. It makes me feel a little like me again, something which feels lost below layers of stress, sadness and general confusion of why humans insist to be quite so vile. #cryptic

See y’all soon, I will continue with my trip and other fun things to show you all.

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