The aftermath (boxing day)

Hello all,

I do hope you have had a very merry christmas and enjoyed (avoided arguments) with your loved ones and ate and were very merry. I was, very merry and very stuffed (more than the chrimbo bird). Its so so great to be here and see all of my family and friends and experience those kind of moments that you hold dear and treasure forever because they are just so perfect and make it all what its about really.

Sentimental stuff out of the way (phew- sipping on mulled wine now don’t you know) the thing I enjoy most about christmas is sitting and stuffing my face. Grazing all day. Cheese boards, roasts, crisps, pickled everything and much more. Frenzied excitement whilst prepping all.

Merry christmas all, have a lovely week before the new year creeps up on us once again (2015!!!!)







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