Notes from 2018 // note 4

Back in Malvern. My birthday. 33.

How is it possible that I am the great old age of 33? I quite like the way this sounds, like a rounded number. Thirty Three. I think I am amongst some sort of weird fog/crisis and feeling a bit wobbly. Maybe its the new age. Thirty-three is slightly different from 32/31/30. It feels like you should most definitely have your shit together; life/kids/house/career. I am sort of dangling in some sort of abyss. I seem to have bits and pieces sorted and am surviving. But I am not thriving. SO. There that is. I feel very much like these photos, surrounded by a fog that consumes everything and unable to see much in front and behind me… I feel a bit stuck and fuzzy. It must be that time of year. I usually relish in winter. But this January and half of february I have found it hard to get up and go. I feel like everyone has suffered these past two months. I can’t wait for spring to come and blow out those cobwebs. Lighter nights and warmer days. Being outside. Long walks.

These photos were taken on a random wednesday, at the beginning of the year. One of those days when it is all foggy and gloomy. When everyone has returned to work after the festivities of the festive season. That wednesday happened to be my birthday the 10th.

We decided on going out for a long walk around Malverns’ charity shops. The only aim was to hunt gems and get cake (it was my birthday after all!).
(how much is that puppy in the window?!)
We went to my favourite pub ever ever… we had fish and chips and a very good pint!

Malvern is also one of my favourite places. The streets are so grand and beautiful. It makes me feel like I am stepping back in time every time I visit and walk around these streets imagining the grand houses and who occupied them. It was suitably gloomy and a thick fog had settled down so low. I have a thing with tree skeletons. Their beautiful spindly fingers are so elegant and graceful. A blurry picture of some cake but proof I managed to stuff some cake in my face.

Does this look like a horror film or a set from an old theatre scene about some vile being? Love it!

So one last note from England and then we shall move onto daily life here!

Notes from 2018 // note 2

Here is my second week of the year. It has been a funny old year so far.
Picking up from where we left last time. Still in England (not now then I mean!). Gloomy eerie England. It was bitterly cold. We were up in the hills, staying with my mum and stepdad in Malvern. SLow days that got dark before you know it. Days that crept into one another. But oh did we visit beautiful places. I had never ventured into the Cotswolds before. It was like being on an old tv series set. Quaint and eerie at the same time. All the stone and fields and cottages one could desire.
We also celebrated, had a lovely meal in a lovely pub and didn’t stop eating from there really.
We attempted to walk it off on one of the coldest, brisk days my bones have had the pleasure of feeling in a LONG while. The hills in Malvern are a must, especially on a beaut of a day like this. We HAD to warm up after with a hot cup of cocoa and all the works. It was bliss.
We visited small towns, with pretty shops and good baked goods.
Overall we just explored, ate and snapped away. It was good to get back to the UK.

So. I took a little old break there didn’t I? Old habits and all. Truefully I have found it a tad difficult finding my feet in this new year. I have felt stuck and displeased that things weren’t put in place in time to be able to start afresh. But then when does it matter when you start and don’t start. I should know that by now, that my main lesson is to live slow and enjoy everything as it happens. Rather than regretting or living in the past and fretting about the future and planning away my present. Any way. I took a break. I needed it and it felt good. I thought I would still catch up with these weekly updates though because I want to look back and have the memories of this time. I think that’s what is important too!
SO let’s step back in time and appreciate it, remember it and enjoy it in the present. Let’s go back to those early eerie days of January.
My next instalment will cover my trip to Bath.