Snail mail

Sometimes its all about the sweet little details in life. Serendipitous moments that bring people into your life to show you a bit of love when you most need it. I have struck up a friendship with the lovely Lou of Noo&Nell on instagram. We talk about art and creativity and bits and pieces of our lives. Her emails are like a warm cup of tea enveloping you in a hug and something that have kept me from going completely stir crazy with this cabin fever. It also is nice to have a physical connection to someone and see their personality in their handwriting and parcels. I miss this touch a lot online when connecting with people. I feel like we are so in undated with imagery and online profiles that it is sometimes hard to remember there is a face and a human behind a user name. Its so good to actually have a physical nice little detail of a friend. Its so easy nowadays to hit a like button, to double tap an image to show some love. Its all so quick and automatic so thats why its super meaningful and lovely when someone has taken the time in their day to stop, think and make with their lovely hands. I think thats what means the most, the thought, time and energy that goes into a little parcel or letter like this. For someone to say “I care and I am thinking of you” makes it all quite a lot better.

I must admit I am notoriously bad at replying to emails, sending written notes, planned packages. Scribbled notes seem to get forgotten about and when i do finally get round to sending things they seem a bit lost and irrelevant. However picking up this wonderful package from the post office made me feel generally loved and grateful, it did its purpose of being a care package. I truly felt so grateful (and a little undeserving of such prettiness!). I would love to do the same for the people I love when they need it the most. Watch this space.

The pink parcel smelt amazing as the postoffice worker handed it over to me. I waited until I was at home with pup and a nice cup of tea to open it. Inside the package contained 3 beautifully wrapped little presents, all in delicate pink soft tissue paper wrapped up with a piece of (pink!) string. Just the care and love that went into wrapping everything beautifully. I loved the card that came with the package, indeed when life gives you lemons 😉

The reason the package smelt so wonderful was because Lou had picked lavender from her garden and it had perfumed all the parcel. Within the 3 individually wrapped presents were the wonderful bestest gift an illustrator could ask for. Pencils, wrapped up with yet more lavender. I can’t stop smelling it as its calming aroma washes over me.

She also included two little sweet cushions, I love her funny little gnomes. So cheerful and sweet. Again, stuffed with that beautiful fragrant lavender. I will place it next to my bed and let its calming take effect.

There was also a cute little kitty, beautifully embroidered. I want to see these as brooches and they would be really sweet.

I loved the fact that it was like a care package and full of sweet little details. So much love and time was taken in putting together the little package. Its true what Lou said, she can’t send me get well flowers but this was even better. I have made a dear friend! I love the fact I have very good friends that I rarely see and when I get an email from them entailing their lives and loves and thoughts it makes my heart swell. I love that these words form a bond. I need to get my act together and send out a few care packages of my own. These friends are near and far away and I miss them in my life but feel so happy for technology that my words reach as far as Canada and England and that I have people rooting for me out there when I need it the most. I am rooting for you guys too! /gushypostend


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