RSVP & Favours

To go along with the invitations (See previous post) I did some floral RSVPs. Although they have a totally different look and feel to the invites I wanted something to be colourful and to fit with the vintage floral theme of Abbi’s wedding.

I always start my process by sketching and painting and then I will scan and neaten everything up. I guess I double up the work by doing so but I need to have that tangible physical process of hand to paper etc.

I also helped out with the order of service booklet, which was left on the seats at the reception. I made a simple stamp which we stamped onto brown card matching the invites. I then drew onto the stamp with a white pen. It was pain staking work (I loved it though). I also helped with the place names/ favour bags and the naming of the cakes and more signage. Again all in the brown paper/white ink style of the invites.


My cousin shot this wonderful video of the day:

Borja also photographed the whole day amazingly. My sister also featured it on her blog

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  1. ah I can’t believe how beautiful they were/are! I also can’t believe how much we actually managed to make in a short space of time! It wouldn’t have been half as good without yours and Borjas hard work! Forever grateful xx

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