oh dear england – part two.


On days like today, hot and stifling and just a bit lost I YEARN to be in my little green isle. My mind wonders back to journey’s like these. I loved exploring and finding the familiarity in everything. Something just feels so right there.
The weekend started in London, we stayed in an amazing Airbnb. By the time I had navigated the tube and met up with my sister and her little fam and had settled in and explored the flat we decided to meet up with friends. Feeling fatigued we didn’t have the energy to navigate the tube and go north. So we stayed put and went to Pizza East on Portabello Road. It was amazing to skip along the streets on our way there, the houses oh the houses. How some people live! A nice meal was had and then home to our cosy little flat for the night armed with beer and snacks and good friends, we chatted until we could chat no more and then promptly fell asleep. We awoke in the morning and had home made toast and cups of tea and then made our way over to the V&A. This place of dreams, we unfortunetly didn’t have that much time to really go around it. As always is the case when I visit London. However just being there was enough to fill a culture shaped hole in my heart. Everything about this place is a dream. Its like an awakening inside of me happens everytime I am there. One of my happy places. We met my other sister, Vic, in the cafe there. A quick lunch, a beaut of a pie was eaten. The reason for being in such a rush was because we needed to make our way over to Angel to do a course in caligraphy. At this is the point I get VERY annoyed. My card in my camera keeps corrupting and I am unable to do anything to view the videos or photos that I have taken. All ruined. Very annoying. ANYWAY I am getting side tracked as I wanted to speak about the class. It was in this really nice pub, tea and cake on tap. The lovely Imogen Owen was our tutor. She was witty and good and made the class easy and fun to follow. It was a bit tough being a lefty, me and my dear sister were the only ones. We came away a lot wiser in the knowledge of how to mark make and draw beautiful lines but with aching grubby hands. It felt so good and meditative. We walked back through the streets of Angel to the tube to the science museum. This area. Oh wow. It makes your neck hurt with looking up at all the beauty that surrounds you. I then had to run back to get the tube, bus and train and make my way over to my home town.
London you treated us very well!

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