oh dear england part 1

The quiet days are the type of days I love the most. Where I have nothing to do, say or no where in particular to be. I really enjoyed these quiet days that I had in my home town staying at my dad and Trish’s house in sleepy Saffron Walden. I have been on and off health wise since the bells rang in 2015. Nasty flu like sluggishness that has crept all over and infested it self in my bones and other parts of my body and won’t kindly go away despite being asked very very politely to bugger off on several occasions. So I have been forced into this peaceful still life with a lot of time to think and be nostalgic and let my mind meditate over what really matters. So what really does matter to me? Times like these, days like these. Travelling in the car and catching up with my Dad. Talking about future plans, present situations and past happenings. About everything and nothing. Being with the sweet pups and their tiny wet black noses and naughty pin like teeth. Going for longs walks alone and breathing again for the first time in what feels like actual years. Following paths that I had long forgotten, but when retracing them make me really feel like me again. At peace and happy and finding a feeling that has been dug so deeply inside that I forgot it was even there. No where to be and no one to please but myself.

Wondering Cambridge’s streets, so familiar. Visiting the same cafe over and over because it felt nice to sink into it and be part of the furniture and just sit and listen to scholars and students talk about philosophy and philology. Feeling lost in a different but oh so familiar world whilst being encapsulated in history, beauty and the mundane every day life. Taking it all in. Visiting museums and my happy place (Kettles Yard). Not beating myself up when I am too tired and ill to get dressed and its already 2pm and I should be doing more than this. But its ok, I am thinking. I am doing something. I am being.


My favourite Cambridge places and experiences are:

-Walking across its parks and commons- Especially Jesus Green and Newnham Common. So many memories of my teen years mixed with childhood.

-Sitting in cafe’s, Especially Afternoon tease (More coming up soon about its lovely Cafes)

-Walking down Mill Road, oh I love Mill Road. Its shops, cafe’s, people (weirdos and interesting ones), bikes and localness. Away from the disney land bits of the fine universities.

-Stopping on the bridge on Mill Road that looks over the railway tracks to see the low hazy sun setting.

-Kettles Yard and its peaceful brilliance. This will always be one of my favourites.

-Its tiny windy back streets and just meandering around.

-The river especially around Jesus Green.

-All the history and archaic beauty that surrounds everything. The romance of all the intellect and pomp.

-The market and its stripy awnings.

-Old slopey rooftops everywhere

-The folk museum (Love a bit of Fens History!) and the Zoology museum.

-All the bikes.

-Getting lost around the back streets of Mill Road. All the glorious amaazing houses that I want. Victorian beauties all of them.

-Cambridge brick. Cambridge terraces.

-Blossoming beauty magnolia trees’ everywhere.

-Beautiful dappled perfect Spring light.

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