Notes from this week 11

This week has passed by in a blur, another week of staying at home and not feeling great at all (same old really- ground hog day). I have felt so frustrated and lonely and isolated. All normal feelings I guess when trying to cope.However I have tried to do small little things that make me happy by drawing, cooking and reading. The week started grey and rainy and I love it so much, lately the weather has been so good, Spring bringing showers, storms and a cool breeze to sunny days. I have started a sourdough starter, made spinach pasta from scratch and doggy biscuits. Cooking is my time, I like the manual task of it. I can think and use my hands and listen to a podcast and its so meditative. It was also my dearest pup Came’s birthday. I can’t believe my little chap is 8 (sad heartbreaking feeling at he same time magical for having these years with my babe)! We celebrated with homemade pup biscuits and he had a long walk to the beach with his daddy. I can’t wait to get back out on my long walks. I have listened to a few podcasts lately with inspiring women who all said that walking was their thing and I agree. Its the best just being free and outside and watching, listening and thinking.

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This week has also seen me start Aprils project of lost girls. I am a little behind because I just can’t seem to manage much at the minute. But I am enjoying exploring some ideas and concepts. So many more to come. Who is your favourite lost girl in history?

The idea behind the lost girl series is to try and show strength in vulnerability and a another side to being a girl and what is beauty and things. Lost, ethereal, broken and sad girls intrigue me. Girls with a story and something to say. An alternative to sickly pink princesses. Grotesque girls with scars and stories. Ghosts and past things that we carry with us.

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