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So once again its been a fair while. I have been struck down with a horrible flare up (sounds dramatic doesn’t it?!) with Lupus. Alas I digress as this post wasn’t meant to launch into a tirade of apologies and excuses. I have decided its far better for me to stick with posting when I really want to rather than trying to be all profesh blogger and scheduling and shiz. I don’t deal well with doing things I feel like I ought to or have promised my self. So more casual posting to resume. Phew!

As you all know we drove back to the green isle of England for the festive season. Me, Borja and a rather randy doggy- more deets to come soon again that story deserves its own (thrilling) post. Whenever we go to England we make sure that we visit London, it being so close to my dads. We drive to Epping and park and hop onto the tube always getting off at Liverpool St as the first point of call. We wander over to Spitalfields. Oh how its changed. The whole area. Its become a DisneyLand for hipsters. I suppose its been this way for years but I guess less marketed as it. Also people going to look cool and hipster spot. I mean yummy Mummys’ thinking they are so hip and cool and lot’so Euro Tourists thinking that THIS IS IT-true lahdon town “Londres is GUAY no?!” Tourist attraction. I jest jest, honestly as I am sure I am quite the same here. ANYWAY. I do still love its charm, the history of the east end of London. The fact that my family sorta originates from there (E17!) I love the scruffy streets mixed with regal churches and houses. I love the pure mixture of everything. Everything goes. I can see why it is easy to get caught up in its charm and atmosphere. Oh but dear Spitalfields though, how good you once were and how gentrified British quaint high-street you have become. For me there are still a few gems in amongst all of wank mason jar sipping bars and cafes types.

Here are my absolute favourites, there are many more but as ever there is NEVER the time. I always get sucked into some sort of weird time/energy vampire AKA London time. It WIPES me! We did plan to go to the tate but my body was flashing its good old battery light (something of a very common occurrence like a battered old car- Cheers LUPUS!)













Labour and Wait. I do love it so. Simple utilitarian design. Good old homeware mixed with modern classics and stationary. It is all a bit hipster (to my point above) and ridic to pay 40 quid for a brush. But SHH! Its good and I want everything there. Such a well designed store layout, a nice nostalgic nod to your little local hardware shop of yesteryears, however vamped up and well designed. Love the logo and the branding too. This is a def look and get inspired kinda place.










When we visited London it was one of those post christmas/post new year/post everything kind of days. Grey and misty fog. So very bitingly cold. We went from Brick Lane/ Shoreditch/ Spitalfields area towards Colombia market. However not really ever having visited before I was not sure of the times etc. We walked over as dusk was falling. Tired and very cold we got there to see all the market stalls packing up, one day I will get there early enough to see the flower market it all its glory. However upon deciding where to go we spotted this little beaut. As you step in you have to go through the most amazing vintage china shop (how fitting Me Old China!) towards the back. The shop is crammed full and its lovely staff guide you to the cafe. Cosy and bustling and looking like a mix of your grans front room. We had to have a hot chocolate to warm everything. It went down a treat. As did nice cafe chats and taking in all the glorious mismatched eclectic decor. I have written about my love of a good cafe before on this here blog. This one is up there on my very very favourites. I am thinking of making that a bit of a feature on my blog as I love nothing more than sitting in a good cafe collecting my thoughts and people watching. As mentioned the staff of this place were lovely, the kind man serving us eagerly told us there was soup etc to keep us warm- we were quite full and kindly declined his offer. The whole place was quite magical and a needed respite from London’s busy energy sucking atmosphere. I will have to go back!









Oh this place. Oh. I adore art shops. I first visited this place when my GCSE teacher took a select few of us (The A grade students huh) for a art day to visit the galleries and good book shops. This is the place that makes dreams come true. I remember being amazed at seeing all-the-goodness in one place. The way it smells, the colours of all the goods, the textures. All the materials in the world. This place is like a weird mecca for me, it brings me back to where I need to be and reminds me of who I am and myself. It also makes my wallet a lot lighter. I will do a what I got in Atlantis hauly-haul.

See in just putting together this post I have come up with 2 or 3 future blog post ideas. See you all in a month or two then 😉 NAH not really!

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