Get better!

Hello hello!

Its been a fair while since my last post rant! Those that know me will know that I have been knocked down with a hefty left hook blow that is a Lupusy type thing flair up. Its pretty mean and I am in pain but on the mend whilst being patched up here and there (quite literally!). Whilst in bed resting up I have had a lot of time to think about things. Things like change and making things better. Being kinder to myself and allowing my self to enjoy things and feel happy and better. Looking after myself and looking forward to the future and what that brings…

One main thing is to get my health back to be well, better really. Its not ever going to be 100% and thats ok, but the aim is at least 85%. I am excited about going back to the gym and swimming, how I miss swimming! I also want to start eating better and healthier and making myself as healthy as possible. Unfortunately there is no miracle cure (there is no cure for Lupus I’m afraid- hopefully for the next generation though) well meaning but insensitive comments about have you tried this and that are a little hard to hear when you know there is no cure, and I am not being negative…check with my Rheumy and the experts. ANYWAY! Healthy happy and positivity on the way. I will document things that make me feel better and healthy and happy along the way. This is yet another new series to the blog named, you guessed it, Get better.

I made this little recipe video the other day of a new to me recipe. I can report back that it was GOOD! I am trying to start the day off in the best way possible to try and set the tone for the rest of the day. I love making videos, they are quick and fun to do. I have a severe shakey hand though so do excuse that. Here is my spiced Pear latte smoothie thing…

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  1. I feel for you, you poor sausage. You will also have to teach me the ways of making videos as I am clueless but have lots of ideas X

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