Film Friday: This Is England

My second post in the film friday series, this film was taken in Kent in the Uk on a visit home.

I am home sick. I miss the milky grey skies dotted with fluffy clouds. I miss the patchwork green quilt, I miss the fresh damp air and the need to always take a jumper out with you. I miss the glistening damp streets of grey and yellow. I miss at least, even if things are shit, there is a discussion and debate for change. I love that its streets contain so much history and respect for the past.

Photos are from a trip back to visit my older sister in Canterbury. I love its history lined streets, a story of the past in every corner. I love its hops filled cosy pubs with soft lighting and conversation. Bikes lent trustingly against shop windows. Bunting lining the street in general celebration. Old sweet shops filled to the brim of goodies. My little imperfect isle. I miss you.

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