Film Friday : The village

These photos kick off a new feature on my blog called “film friday” I love my trusty little pentax spotmatic, it has been adventuring with me for quite some time now. The manual action, click wind feeling and sound really makes you stop and appreciate whatever beauty you are pointing your third eye too. Its battery welded in long ago meaning the light metre no longer works makes for more surprising pictures. I want to take more and more film photos as I really love the memory they serve. Much rather take beautiful pictures to keep forever than the throw away millions of phone pictures looked at once and then not to be seen again (still addicted to instagram though ;))

__1_0292In just a little over a month and a half we will make the annual journey to “El Pueblo” (The Village). Situated in a little valley in the region of Castilla y Leon, long roads that suddenly climb up steeply surrounded by green and trees. In the Spanish wilderness that sits on the border of Portugal. Its scenery is stunning and takes your breath away. Life there slows down and days are spent walking, collecting mushrooms and chestnuts, bike riding, eating and just in general being in nature and forgetting all ones troubles from the big bad city. I love it, it by far is one of my favourite places on this little earth. Its little stone houses and river with its wooden bridge and all the apples. Its fresh water and uncomfy old wool mattress. Old bikes and visiting neighbouring villages. Walking down to the “plaza mayor” to collect bread and visit the weekly frozen food van(you know when they arrive by the tooting of the van horn). The stars oh the stars, never have they been viewed clearer and more beautiful. never have you been put in your tiny little place by such awe inspiring beauty. The great expanse that is these lands where skies go on forever and ever. You certainly find that person you forgot about under layers of modern worries. You feel like you as your lungs breathe the freshest purest air. Chickens, cows, wild boars and deer live among these strange humble folk.

I can’t wait!

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