Film Friday: Grandma’s house.

So it has been a while since I have posted a “film Friday” series. Its been a while since I have picked up a film camera and got the film developed. I miss it. I miss feeling like you are quite literally manually capturing a moment in time, that then gets imprinted onto a strip of film. I like the imperfections of a film camera. The grainy, soft focus, sometimes over exposed sometimes under quality. I like that they are not too styled and precious like everything you see on instagram lately.


















My grandma’s house holds so many memories. Trying to peel off the bubbles from the wallpaper, the notorious biscuit tin. Hot summers playing under the striped awning in the garden full of flowers and a tiny pond. A neighbour called Reny who lived next door and other kindly neighbours all around. The spare room full of games and the velveteen headboard. Emptying the kitchen cupboards and setting up shop in the garden shed. Oh the smell of the garden shed. Christmas’s spent there playing games on the 70’s patterned carpet in pretty party dresses and tights. Fish and chip crisps and the sweet jar (always full). Sliding down the stairs on your bum. My granddads paintings of film stars and disney characters. Dinners that always consisted of mash potato. My grandma’s bird and tortoise collection on the shelves. My granddads pure hatred of cats and shushing them away in the garden. The last painful years of my granddads life. His chair, the indent on the bedsheets. The treasures in the attic. Countdown always on the telly. Catching the bus into town and going round the shops. My grandmas pink satin bedroom with a shower in the wardrobe. The creepy doll hoover cover with matching toilet roll cover.
Every tiny detail that comforts and makes you feel a sad nostalgic feeling.
She is no longer in this house. I am glad to have these photos that perfectly capture these memories, albeit them being bad quality, grainy mess.

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