Facing up to things


As a sufferer of a chronic illness my skin quite literally takes a battering. Chronic fatigue (Lupus symptom) leaves my skin looking tired and just ill really. I have a horrid red rash on my cheeks thanks to Lupus. I am also allergic to UV light and sunlight (this is yet another symptom of Lupus). The medications I am taking leave me with horrid acne on my chin and neck at the grand age of 30. The steroids make me have a big fat moon face. Hey-ho though. The thing I also find that being chronically ill is that it makes my confidence and self esteem rock bottom. This is why I find such pleasure in the superficial things that make me feel a bit better about myself, a bit brighter and new. I always feel more “well” and put together and better about myself when I have put in a tiny bit of effort. Its like fooling my body into thinking its a bit better- at least I don’t look as bad as I feel inside on the outside. I also don’t want to cake my face in a load of skin eating make-up as my skin is sensitive and reacts easily. I want something good and nourishing for my face. Something that also protects me from the sun and also keeps my spots hidden or at bay. I also want something easy that doesn’t take 5 million hours to blend into my skin, something that I don’t really need to think about and something that is effortless. I am a massive BB cream fan for this reason, it feels moisturising and gives me just the right amount of coverage and protection from those harmful rays and really easy to apply. These are the best I have found thus far.


My old faithful MAC BB cream, blends super easy. Really good colour match for me (probably the best of the three- I am PALE). I apply this with my fingers as I would a moisturiser or applied with my ever trusty new favourite the beauty blender. SPF 25- this is quite heavy duty and lasting protector of my skin- which is the most important factor for me. Quite good coverage and ever so long wearing. I will forever return to this as a base as I do love it so. It leaves my skin dewy but not shiny and my face doesn’t seem to want to eat it up as such is the case with a lot of bases. Yes a winner for me.
Saying that, I decided to buy and try these two bases. I had heard rave things about this base from loads of BBloggers. It’s amazing. Good coverage that is like a gel. It feels super soothing and not face eaty at all. My skin likes it. The glow oh the glow that it leaves my skin with. The term dewy is so very apt. This is perfect for the summer, but with my skin needs a light dusting of face powder to keep it in place. Its so good though, my skin but better effect.
Finally this fell into my little black basket in Sephora (that dangerous place- I am now the holder of the black card- aka the big spenders club). It smells like cucumbers and is probably the most soothing of the three. I always find that Estee Lauder seem to make good trusted skin care stuff (if its good enough for your mum…) The colour is more of the shade of my summer skin (the light is actually quite dark imo). It works better applied with the beauty blender than fingers but blends well. As I said so soothing so probably will reach for this on my more sensitive skin days.
All three bases to a marvelous job of covering up my red cheeks and protecting my skin against the sun whilst offering a light coverage and thats what I want. They also make me feel more smoothed out and a little less frazzled and put together, even on the mornings when I can’t even hardly lift my arms. I love no effort stuff. What are your favourite bases?

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  1. I shall have to look out for these. I hadn’t tried a BB cream until I was given a sample of one by Kiehl’s and it’s the best thing EVER! Typically it’s out of stock on their site so I’ll have to stock up when I can 🙁

    1. Oh I am a fan of Kiehls too. They are just easy and no fuss and I don’t need to think about applying layers of suncream and foundation etc. Hope you are well Sahara xx

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