My favourite places: Cafe culture: Bristol “The birdcage”

Sorry for the radio silence around these parts. I partly wanted to let the dust settle after my last post and let everything sink in a little (it was quite the unexpected cathartic post to write). Anyway I can’t believe its mid October. Er what, hello September where did you go?

Last weekend I made a flying visit to go and stay with my dear Sistine in Bristol. We didn’t have loads of time together but the time that was spent was just what the doctor ordered. It was so nice just to do normal weekend activities and enjoy her company wandering the streets of Beautiful Bristol.

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The Birdcage is a wonderful cafe, one of those places that as soon as you set foot in you know that you have found that special place. It feels homely and cosy and plays that balance just right. It plays good music and has amazing cake, coffee and salads and more food. And oh the decorations; bikes, typewriters, record players, old cameras, miss matched furniture and crockery. Friendly staff are also a plus. There was even a small pup dog inside as we were leaving! This place also does vintage clothes and live music (What doesn’t it do?). If I were to ever have a place/cafe this would be it. Its my imagination imagined in cafe form. My heart felt all warm and content at the thought that this little place exists and thinking about many a future times spent there.

I like nothing more than sitting in a cafes, alone or with friends. Reading, sketching, people watching. I like that these places you can sit and be with others whilst being fairly anonymous. Being social without being social. When I am feeling anxious or sad my favourite thing is to go to a cafe and sit for a few hours to collect my thoughts, read and list write. Throw a good coffee and a slice of cake into the mix and all is well with the world. Finding that special cafe, a happy glowy place, to while away your hours means that you have found your good happy place where ever you are in the world. I need to get out and explore Barcelona’s many cafes to find the one.

The Birdcage can be found here

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