Back to School: Volume 1

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With September comes memories of new starts filled with dread coupled with nervous excitement. It is also when magazines release their best issues of the year. September for me should be when it is New year. Its when summer starts to fade but there is still life yet.

September is back to school, back to reality after a long drawn out summer of not doing much or doing a lot. It is time to start again and go ahead full throttle with projects, learning and planning. The promise of a new page, fresh notepads new pens and shiny school shoes.

I will always remember of how weird it was to once again dress in a stiff school uniform; itchy kilt, stiff white shirts, blazers (with clean pockets!) blue and white gingham summer dresses and school shoes (not yet scuffed!). As much as I hated it at the time I now seem to long for some sort of uniform. These smocks would be an ideal alternative to the school pinafore.

I have recently had a big clear out and gave over 8 bags for charity with yet more bags to sell. I want less fussy more classic good quality and timelessness, I think as I become older I know what I like and don’t like and also what suites me. I still like fun and playful clothing (hence the fried egg smock from The Whitepepper).

Speaking of uniforms does anyone remember this amazing project from 2009?

So this post is kicking off a small series of posts celebrating September: new starts, back to school (in my case new projects and learning as much as I can), autumn coming, uniforms and other good stuff that September brings (S-T-A-T-I-O-N-A-R-Y)

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