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aboutsariepageHello! I am Sarie.

ME OLD CHINA is London speak for my “Mate”. This is exactly what I want this blog to be, my little friend. A nice jolt of inspiration and a way to look back nostalgically on old times.

I am an illustrator/artist/designer/maker/stylist of some sort.

I am currently adventuring in Barcelona. I speak both Spanish and English (well a weird mix between the two mas o menos).

I live with my dreamboat and our little pup-child in our little flat. I am fond of old things, good type, eggs with everything (if in doubt put an egg on it), rain, nature walks, being in water (Im a bit of a fish), Eating and exploring. I like a good wagging dog tail and animals in general are ace.

I am especially happy when my hands are making (sewing, printing, stamping, drawing, painting, taking photos etc)

For more work please click on the portfolio link on this page.



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