10 little long years


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Its been ten whole years today. Ten years since we sat in the small cellar of my dads little yellow cottage and made a promise to each other that it will be forever and ever. Who would’ve thought that ten whole years later we would be here celebrating (or not as its been a dark, black dog kind of day) all of this time living, surviving, laughing, loving, planning, dreaming and everything together. So here is to you my bestest friend that I could’ve ever asked for. My light and my dark, the best and the worse. My all and everything.

You have been here for me when no one else has, you live everything with me. You’ve sat on uncomfy hospital chairs for hours upon hours waiting for me. We have driven miles and gone on such fun adventures together. We might not have been able to travel around the world as we once dreamt about but thats ok, we have always done things together and appreciate and see the same magic in places. Going to the village and exploring, falling in love with Portugal. Our funny English adventures where you have driven hours and hours so I can visit home. Funny formula Une hotels with le macdonalds and weird french vets amongst amazing memories. Also mushroom hunting, chesnut picking and exploring tiny villages.

Our little baby boy, our sweet Came Oliver of our hearts. He is our bestest friend and together we all travel and explore and love and hug together. The day we found him, one of the best days of my life, I will treasure forever and ever the memory. He really is part of a weird little family of three and we are often not without him.

We have seen friends come and go and our friendship that we have with each other grow, our private jokes that I am sure all couples have. Silly voices and saying and secret looks that only you seem to get. We seem to fit and get each other and have grown together in that way. A lot of our time is spent at home, but when we do escape we explore the streets and places around us. Going on walks and talking and just being together.

I still remember the day we first met, I was standing in a shop in the centre of Barcelona  ( I was staying with a mutual friend and you were to show me around whilst she worked in said shop) and you walked in and I felt it, at 18 years of age, like a sort of punch to the chest and the start of something. There was something about you that was just right and so special. Although you were mean and did nearly make me cry (story of my life ha!). Visits here and there and long evenings spent trying to talk to each other on msn, years of a strange unlikely sort of friendship. You didn’t speak much english and I didn’t speak a word of spanish, but there was magic and friendship and we formed our own little understanding of things. Your visits in Leeds and when I was first sick, sitting in bed talking and listening to music and just hoping for more, going to that weird chinese buffet and your pep talks as I went for job interviews, sitting on the top deck of the bus after getting some sort of crushing diagnosis. It was one of the only times I have ever seen you cry. As cheesy as it sounds you have always been my strength and guider. You have always protected and looked after me. Sometimes a massive weight to bear on your shoulders, but you do it anyway.

Adventures have happened all of the time, if only on a small scale. Life can seem so heavy at times but still we are here together, keeping on keeping.

You are so wise and have taught me so much, I have turned myself inside out and couldn’t be more different. I am also very much the same as I always was, the softer side to your more stronger side, even though your softer side does exist inside.I am always in awe of your ability to analyse people and your head strong approach to what is right and wrong, you have such a strong moral compass that doesn’t change for anyone (for bad and good). You show me things that others don’t see and you don’t care what others think, you are constantly watching and philosophising things and people and you don’t realise it but you really are one of the most shrewd clever person I know in this way. You have a unique way of looking at the world and its people. You constant belief that you have in me, that I am good and talented, and I have of you, your clever magic and photos..so skilled if only you would believe it (i can talk i know…). You are always there with your honest advice and are the one of the only ones I can count on to truly tell me like it is.

In these 10 years I have moved here to be with you, learnt a new language (your language), been enveloped in your family and become one of them, we have fought and loved and everything in between. Its not been easy, many doctors and adapting to the quiet life, adapting to each other. Our tiny first flat after living with your parents for one long year (crazy to think of that far away time). Then to our other crazy flat with the neighbours that would drop marbles at midnight (!) and then onto our beautiful flat in poble nou and now here. We are unsure of where we will end up next.

These 10 years have brought battles, tears, homesickness, job changes, people changes and life changes. One thing is for sure though, you have remained my constant one. We do fight like cat and dog (petty silly misunderstanding and things lost in translation a lot of the time- spanish is so direct and english so apologetic). In the end we always work it out though, we’ve become good at that. Just working things out. So my best friend, partner in crime, my family and my all. Heres to 10 more wonderful, healthy, busy, exciting years. Heres to a new chapter and new starts and adventures. I could write a book on all the things we have done and that we have together. We don’t have a lot in the way of riches and life hasn’t exactly panned out like we once dreamt of (thank illness and other things that life throws at you) but we are stronger and better for it. We still cling wildly onto our dreams because that what we do the best. Dream for each other. Love you my dearest one.

I thought I would do a ten-things-I-have-learnt.

1.Life is not a bed of roses. It throws terrible things at you most of the time. Its how you work together as a team to pick your self up from them.
2.Its about the smallest details and not the massive gestures. The hugs, or comforting hair strokes when it is most needed. The loyalty.
3.Sleep and a comfy bed is very very important.
4.Belly laughing so much that the neighbours think you are weird.
5.Learning not to cling onto the past and things that have been done or said or not done and said.
6.There will always be people better off and more advanced in their journeys and goals that we are. Its our life though and we are living it in our way. We must remember this.
7.Its never too late. Ever. I am 30 and you 35. There still is time to take on the world.
8.Listen to each other, even if its mighty painful at times. Allow each other to speak.
9.Pizza can save all.
10.Plan, dream, escape, enjoy, speak, live and everything together. But sometimes


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